The Best Neighborhoods to live in Montreal



Finding a place to live that suits your taste is usually more complicated than expected. Each person has his or her own criteria when it comes to housing and has certain preferences when it comes to location. Here are some tips for future residents of the island of Montreal who might still be unsure about where to settle. In this article, you will find the neighbourhoods that we believe best suit your lifestyle based on what you are looking for first.








Villeray offers its residents an animated lifestyle while providing the comfort and tranquility of a family neighborhood. Located near Little Italy, Parc-Ex and Saint-Michel, it is possible to enjoy a rich cultural life and a palpable sense of community. Located in the northeast of the city near Highway 40, Papineau Street, Jean-Talon Street and Jarry Park, the architecture of the houses stemming from the agricultural history of the neighborhood gives way to beautiful stone houses with charming spiral staircases, not to mention the tranquility of the streets allowing you to appreciate the tranquility and serenity of a quiet urban life. If you are looking for a place that is relatively calm, yet allows you to enjoy the little pleasures that the city has to offer, Villeray is the place for you!





Old Montreal is the oldest neighborhood on the island of Montreal. In terms of urban design, its cobblestone streets represent the charm of a city rich in history. This neighborhood is renowned for its nightlife. It is possible to enjoy restaurants with high quality food like Garde Manger or Jellyfish and cozy bars with the best ambiance on the island.  It is also possible to engage in many activities at the Montreal Science Center, or for pleasant walks along the river, as well as explore small boutiques tucked away for shopping lovers. We highly recommend this neighborhood for those who love nightlife and a lively city environment! 




The Plateau Mont-Royal is one of Montreal’s iconic neighborhoods. Popular and trendy, the Plateau stands out for the multidisciplinary activities it offers. In the summer, it is possible to enjoy the famous Tam-Tam drummers, the pedestrian-only streets allowing both residents and visitors to the island to enjoy beautiful sunny days, not to mention Saint-Denis and Mont-Royal avenues, where the atmosphere of a typical French neighborhood is recreated. However, the most interesting element of the vicinity in our opinion is the direct access to Mount Royal. Being in the city, despite the large number of parks, it is difficult to find places in nature where you can go to recharge your batteries like this mountain. We therefore recommend the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood to all those who want to live the Montreal experience to the fullest. Although not really a family neighborhood, those who love a lifestyle filled with diverse activities will certainly not be disappointed by this neighborhood rich in experiences.





Last but not least is downtown Montreal. It is possible to find people from all backgrounds living here, from students, locals and foreigners, to wealthy couples, artists, business people and more. The downtown area distinguishes itself mainly through its accessibility to large office towers and shopping centers such as the Montreal Eaton Center and Place Montréal Trust, as well as its many busy restaurants such as Les Enfants Terribles on the rooftop of Place Ville-Marie, Le Cathcart and Time-Out, and even more so during lunch hour with the many workers present. The main advantage of Downtown is that it is easy to walk around, even in winter, without having to set foot outdoors. The underground tunnels allow everyone to walk without having to dress heavily on cold days. As for activities, there is never room for boredom in the Ville-Marie borough. There are several museums to visit, notably the Grévin Museum featuring wax recreations of famous personalities, the famous Museum of Fine Arts and the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art. All in all, downtown is very interesting because of the ease of accessibility it provides and also for anyone involved in the business scene!