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Living in The Outaouais: The Region’s Charm

Gatineau cityscape

Living in the Outaouais means first and foremost enjoying the dynamism of the big cities, while taking advantage of the many natural spaces and landscapes that will make you dream. Let’s discover the lifestyles and charm of this region. Before we go any further, here are a few facts and figures about this region, a great place to invest in real estate.

Statistical Portrait of The Region

On the border of Ontario and Québec, the Outaouais has a population of 408,979 (2022), a total surface area of 34,077 km2 and a population density of nearly 13 inhabitants/km2.

Major cities include Gatineau, Cantley, Val-des-Monts and Chelsea. Thanks to its proximity to Ottawa, the Outaouais region is a great place to live.

The Ottawa-Gatineau metropolitan region has a population of 1,452,000 (2023), mainly made up of federal government employees, who often work in Ottawa or in Gatineau’s government departments.




A Prosperous Economic Region

While the unemployment rate in Québec stood at 5.2% in November 2023, it was only 4.1% in the Outaouais region.

The region enjoys a thriving economy, located close to major business hubs. With its innovative technology centre, the Outaouais has become a leader in exporting companies in this sector over the years.

Furthermore, biotechnology, telecommunications, geomatics and the recreation and tourism industry play a key role in the region, alongside agriculture, wood processing and transportation, among others.

A Modern, Innovative Educational Hub

With its numerous primary and secondary schools, CEGEPs and universities, the Outaouais is strategically positioned to welcome students and offer complete university programs, from bachelor’s to doctorate levels.

The Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO), with its 12 departments and 14 undergraduate management modules and units, has successfully awarded over 52,500 diplomas, and continues to diversify by welcoming students from diverse and international backgrounds.

A Welcoming Region

This region is said to be one of the most welcoming and pleasant to live in Québec. With its vast territory, every family can settle down in a quiet environment and benefit from an abundance of space.

The big city of Gatineau welcomes you with its many public services, including shops, a diversified healthcare network, universities, public transit (STO) and a modern road network that allows you to get to Ottawa or enjoy the breathtaking scenery throughout the Outaouais region.

Attractive Neighborhoods for Families

Beyond the advantages already mentioned, it’s important to note that Gatineau, for example, is a city with a lot to offer in terms of living environment.

In this respect, many residential neighborhoods are very peaceful and perfectly adapted to families’ realities. Streets are wide, there are mature trees and less traffic. If you’re looking for a single-family home, you’ll find just the place you need.

There are also busier residential streets close to downtown where the lifestyle is completely different, with modern condo towers that will let you enjoy the hectic life of the big centres.

There’s a great diversity of neighborhood styles and living environments in Gatineau, and that’s what sets this city apart from others of its kind in Québec.

If you go further within, to Masson-Angers region and elsewhere, you’ll find more rural streets and a living environment that brings you closer to nature. The regional county municipality of Vallée-de-la-Gatineau and Papineau are pure examples of this.

If you’re looking to settle in a more historic area and live on the outskirts of the big city, the Aylmer district is intended for you, with its marina, mature trees, wide streets, single-family homes and more.

Le Plateau neighborhood is with no doubts the area where you’ll put your hands on the prestigious home you’ve been dreaming of for so many years. This neighborhood offers many advantages, starting with its walking trails, elementary schools, boutiques, shops and restaurants. Le Plateau perfectly combines nature and urban living.

If you’re looking for a peaceful living environment for your young family, the L’Orée-du-Parc sector, near Mont-Bleu, will delight you with its affordable properties, schools, CEGEP, sports complex and much more.

Finally, the Hull sector will impress you with its dynamism, condo towers, restaurants, boutiques, shops, etc. Close to Ottawa, Hull abounds in attractions for those who want to live in a condo or invest in a plex.

The important thing to remember is that if you’re planning to settle in Gatineau, your choices are endless when it comes to the lifestyle you’re looking for.

Gatineau offers a wide range of housing styles, including single-family homes, cottages, semi-detached homes, townhouses, condos and income properties. The Outaouais region also has its share of advantages.

The Charm of The Outaouais

Deer looking in

The region’s attractions are numerous: national museums, Gatineau Park, Éco-Odyssée Nature Park, Kenauk nature, Mont Ste-Marie, Bal des neiges, Chutes Coulonge Adventure Park, Belvédère Champlain, the Gatineau Cultural Trail, etc.

Family activities are also plentiful. By car, for example, discover the elk, have fun high up in the trees, picnic in the park or by the river; there’s something for everyone, young and old.

Outdoor enthusiasts will be delighted to discover the following places, among others:

  • Oméga Park
  • Arbraska Laflèche
  • Pontiac Observatory
  • Mont Morissette Regional Park
  • Denholm Falls Park trails
  • Déléage Stone Bridge trails
  • Dalton Farm Park
  • Montebello de Montagne
  • École d’escalade de l’Outaouais (climbing school)
  • Louis-Joseph Papineau trail
  • Cedar Lakes Recreational Trail
  • Etc.

In short, the region abounds in activities of all kinds, culture, art and heritage, festivals and annual events, gourmet pleasures and, of course, activities for everyone.

The region’s charm also lies in its sunsets, panoramic mountain-top views, winding roads, friendly people, fall colors, numerous bike paths, lakes and rivers, wilderness, aquatic and nautical activities, picturesque landscapes, restaurants, good food and the charm of the artisans you’ll discover during your escapades.

Furthermore, if you decide to settle in the Outaouais region, you’ll discover great places to live, new constructions, modern condos, turnkey homes for sale, seniors’ residences and housing projects that will meet your expectations and needs.

The Outaouais region stands out for its dynamism, warm welcome, economic vitality and wide-open spaces. Take advantage of the services of the big city, or make yourself comfortable in a small village in the regional county municipality of Pontiac, Papineau, Vallée-de-la-Gatineau or the heart of the regional county municipality of Collines-de-l’Outaouais. In every place, you’ll discover simple, friendly people and lively fellows.

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