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Living in Downtown Montreal

Montreal: a metropolis with unique characteristics that fascinates and attracts a large number of newcomers every year. Its history, culture and charm make it a city that has much to offer its citizens. There are many boroughs and neighbourhoods on the island, but one of the most coveted is Ville-Marie.

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The energy of Ville-Marie

Living downtown also means always being close to the action. The density of the population and the infrastructure make it easy to organize large-scale events. If you are a sports fan, you will find:


  • The Bell Centre: Home of the Montreal Canadiens
  • The Percival-Molson Memorial Stadium: Home of the Montreal Alouettes


Montreal is also a city that delivers a great cultural experience. The population’s diversity offers a range of choices for all tastes in terms of music, the arts, film events, etc. Here are some examples:


  •  Montreal International Jazz Festival
  • Festival Mtl en Arts
  • Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal

In other words, being bored when living in downtown Montreal would be a rarity, as there is always something to do nearby. 


Cultural and culinary diversity

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This borough of Montreal is characterized by an exceptional cultural diversity. It is the point of arrival for many immigrants to Canada. It is a place where newcomers can feel at home very quickly. To be sure, this diversity plays a part in the organization of international events unique to Quebec.



It is impossible to talk about Ville-Marie without talking about the restaurants. Indeed, there is an incredible variety of restaurants from a wide range of countries, an aspect that is greatly appreciated by tourists and even more so by the citizens of downtown.


The architecture of the city: from skyscrapers to historical buildings

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In Montreal’s downtown core, there are many large office towers and condos, but also historic buildings. It all depends on whether you are in the central business district or in Old Montreal. These architectural differences make this location so special.


There are downtown real estate projects with breathtaking designs and luxurious products that are in high demand. These projects certainly contribute to beautifying the area.


Services, facilities and public transit


In Ville-Marie, there are generally more services and facilities for people than in other neighborhoods in Montreal. Here you will find:


  • Sports centers to practice your favorite sports;
  • Many bixis;
  • Numerous parks such as Parc des Faubourgs;
  • And much more.


When it comes to public transit, the population enjoys an extensive network. There are many metro stations, including the main Berri-UQAM station and many bus stops. Owning a car in this community is certainly not an essential commodity for getting around.


A final note on living in downtown Montreal

If you enjoy an active urban life, downtown is the place for you. If you want to give it a try, check out the apartments for rent in Ville-Marie available on Vistoo.