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How Vistoo outperforms the conversion rate for new-build sales

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These days, more than ever, developers, builders and owners need to figure prominently in the real estate market. This requires not only a robust online presence, but first and foremost the right strategy for converting visitors into buyers, especially in an ever-changing environment. Find out how Vistoo’s visionary approach has led to unprecedented conversion rates.


Maximizing visibility and attractiveness for properties for sale

The constantly evolving real estate market requires regular adaptation to meet fluctuating demand. Recently, we’ve observed that interest is diminishing in real estate projects featuring homes, condos and cottages for sale. This has led us to re-evaluate our marketing strategies. 

In a context of declining sales, developers and builders need to be strategic to attract clicks and ensure not only consistency, but also sales growth. Despite the challenges, we have identified opportunities to stand out in the real estate market and cope with the ups and downs. 

In this case study, we present the challenges facing the real estate market, then explore in detail our innovative approaches to maximizing the visibility and attractiveness of real estate projects for sale.



Although the real estate market naturally follows a cyclical pattern, alternating between periods of upturn and downturn, the pandemic triggered several changes in consumer behaviour and preferences. The recent rise in interest rates and a general feeling of economic uncertainty are prompting buyers to exercise caution.

For example, the number of sales recorded in March 2024 in Quebec was 10% lower than the number recorded in March 2023. This market slowdown is largely due to rising prices and the Bank of Canada’s key interest rate.

Despite this, the Association professionnelle des courtiers immobiliers (APCIQ) confirms that intentions to purchase are holding steady, particularly among young households. Preferences are leaning towards change, however, with the democratization of telecommuting leading to a growing interest in the suburbs.

High prices and interest rates remain a challenge for buyers and sellers alike, but demand is strong and we’ve recently seen a slight increase in sales in a market where prices remain high. Single-family homes are currently at the top of the list of buyers’ preferences.

Between housing shortages, economic uncertainties and new buying habits, the real estate market is facing both challenges and opportunities. Adopting a favourable position to reach prospects becomes crucial in this context to stand out from the crowd and maximize your sales chances. This starting point has motivated Vistoo’s experts to develop and adopt advanced strategic solutions.’évolution-du-marché-immobilier-postpandémie-au-québec


Strategic solutions

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Changes in buyer behaviour and attitudes, on the other hand, tend to arouse fears and uncertainties in salespeople, who need to stand out in a context where prospects are more hesitant than usual. Although the potential buyers do exist, convincing and converting them represents an additional challenge. 

To offer its customers an effective solution, Vistoo has developed a holistic marketing approach that ensures not only increased visibility, but also higher conversions thanks to a user-centered approach.

ViBoost: Increase visibility for real estate projects

In today’s competitive and constantly evolving real estate market, the first priority is to be seen. To meet this need, we have developed a unique strategic initiative: ViBoost. It’s designed to increase the visibility of real estate projects for sale by positioning our customers at the top.

By eliminating irrelevant initiatives, we focus our efforts on generating qualified leads. This approach guarantees optimal visibility over a 12-month period, helping to stimulate interest in house, condo or cottage projects for sale.

Vistoo Media Placements: Boost visits and maximize conversion

Launching media placements on Vistoo offers a unique opportunity for developers and builders to reach a qualified audience. By maximizing ad visibility, we generate qualified traffic to our platform, increasing the chances of conversion. 

This digital marketing strategy is particularly effective for targeting prospects who are genuinely interested in real estate projects for sale. Media placements ensure efficient use of your budget. Using advanced analysis and targeting tools, we reach the prospects most interested in your offer, ensuring that every dollar invested produces tangible results. 

Google and Meta Vistoo media buying strategy: Increase qualified traffic

Faced with changing demands, acquiring and maintaining a leadership position requires taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by online advertising. In addition to media placements, a media buying strategy on Google and Meta Vistoo is an essential step in driving traffic to our real estate project listings. 

This strategy involves buying advertising space on platforms where target profiles are found, particularly those more intent on purchasing. By targeting relevant audiences and providing attractive content, we generate remarkable results. This 360° approach delivers tangible results, contributing to a significant increase in the number of interested prospects.

Delivering an outstanding user experience 

User experience plays a key role in sales optimization: it leaves a positive impression on users, leaving them engaged in the process and with a desire to return for more. Our platform is easy to use, and enables users to quickly find the project that meets their requirements. We have redesigned several pages on our website, and will be rolling out these new features gradually over the course of the year. For us, it’s imperative that the user has a rewarding experience on our website.

Having inventory is a key element for Vistoo, but it has to be accessible without complications. Despite the addition of media placements, they don’t interfere with navigation, an essential element in reducing bounce rates and keeping users engaged. The work of our technical team has accelerated the response time and overall performance of our website.

Our intelligent search bars and filters provide access to a wide range of homes, condos and cottages for sale in just a few clicks. Our UX design makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for across this vast inventory. This makes it easier for them to move from one stage of the process to the next, from discovery to decision-making.

Finally, a clear, attractive presentation across all media allows us to highlight real estate projects, whether the audience is searching from a computer, smartphone or tablet, for example. By combining visual aspects, accessibility and ease of interaction, we create a pleasant, fluid experience that facilitates conversion.

Results and forecast

Thanks to these innovative strategies, we have seen a marked improvement in interest in real estate projects for sale. Since the start of 2024, over 300 prospects (just like you!) have expressed genuine interest in our projects, representing an increase of over 25% compared to the previous year. These promising results point to a record year ahead for this type of real estate project.

While the APCIQ predicts that the real estate market will stabilize from 2024 onwards, the use of advanced strategies enables you to position yourself competitively right now. With median prices stabilizing and a possible drop in interest rates, more sales opportunities than ever will be created. By adopting innovative approaches such as our new strategies, we can ensure increased visibility whatever the economic climate.


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In conclusion, maximizing visibility and attraction for real estate projects for sale requires a strategic and holistic approach. By combining initiatives such as ViBoost, Vistoo media placements and a targeted media buying strategy, developers and builders can achieve remarkable results. Against a backdrop of a slowdown, expected to be followed by a gradual recovery, we’re getting ahead of the curve by adopting new, advanced strategies. This case study shows that the results have been immediate. In addition to the initiatives already well underway, our ongoing analysis and improvements promise constant optimization of results.

Thanks to a successful investment in quality lead generation, we are able to respond effectively to the current challenges of the real estate market and to stimulate the development of new business.

Do you want tangible, measurable results for your real estate ads? Contact the Vistoo team today for a fully customized solution.