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There’s no limit to interior design ideas, and every year brings its share of new decorations. What’s more, decorating trends help us discover what’s going to be popular next year. 2023 is drawing to a close, and 2024 just around the corner. With this transition underway, what are the major trends ahead in terms of interior décor?


That’s the question we address in this article, providing you a few surprises along the way. You won’t want to miss what’s coming...


Serene or invigorating? Colors for your home in 2024

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While in the past we’ve seen softer, calmer hues, contemporary colour schemes will be bolder for 2024.


Think dark blue, a mix of purple and blue, deep red or cobalt green, just to name a few. These colors are ideal for both walls and accessories. They will bring wow to your space in addition to adding warmth to your apartment or house.


More vivid and, better yet, more dazzling colors are coming in 2024, but what will be even more dominant are the contrasts that can be invented. It promises to be a happy marriage!


On the other hand, if warmer, brighter colors aren’t to your taste, there’s nothing to stop you from softening them. A dark blue, for example, could easily be transformed into a softer, paler blue, giving you a more Zen ambiance, all the while staying true to the trendy 2024 palette where darker contrasts add warmth.


Light or dark wood for 2024?

The experts are unanimous: wood in interior design will be dark for 2024. You’ll find walnut, acacia and, why not teak, which harmonize splendidly with metal or sculpted pieces.


Your modern spaces will benefit from a cozier ambience with dark wood accents. If you don’t plan to go that way next year, don’t worry. You can always opt for dark wood furniture that will stand out when it comes to decorating your bedroom.


So far so good, but let’s not stop here! 2024 will focus more on natural materials like wood and metal to create peaceful surroundings. 


Is wallpaper back in for 2024, or out?

Wallpaper has long been denounced by many. Now, wallpaper is making an impressive comeback for 2024, both in color and texture. Going forward, wallpaper will add a fresh touch to your bathroom, or even more character to a wall in the living room or bedroom. 


Be careful, however, not to overload too many walls with wallpaper. Remember that 2024 is marked not only by contrasting colors, but also textures.


Simplicity or extravagance for 2024?

It is true that minimalism still has a place in decorating, and many people choose to embrace this lifestyle. This manifests itself in single-colour, uncluttered rooms, with little or zero decorative accessories.


For 2024, by contrast, many interior design specialists are talking about “maximalism”, inviting us to use bright colors and add decorative objects to enhance our living rooms and other spaces. But be mindful: too much of a good thing won’t improve a particular focal point, especially if you want to draw attention to it.


To summarize, we recommend the addition of eclectic objects to bring a living room or bedroom to life, while avoiding the temptation to revert to spaces that are heavy and cluttered.


Lighting fixtures: insignificant or desirable for 2024?

In keeping with the trends we’ve looked at so far, lighting will play a key role in accentuating every room in your apartment, house or condo. 


Through their manufacture and design, we want to draw everyone’s attention to the lighting of their living spaces. LED bulbs are the best choice, especially those emitting a comforting warm white, or colored bulbs to promote a more personalized or muted space. 


In short, there are numerous arrangements that contribute to the substance of certain rooms in the house. Lighting fixtures are now seen as creative elements that bolster your living space. You can see some examples with the modern houses displayed on Vistoo.


Plain or eclectic styles for 2024?

Simple room with bed, wood

Linear styles will give way to originality and eclecticism that will highlight your tastes and personality. We can therefore expect greater coexistence of styles. For example, combining a retro style with something more contemporary will be just fine, especially if it’s complemented with your personal touch.


If you’re the artistic type, why not consider furnishing your walls with your own creations, or coordinating colors with objects, cushions and rugs, using beautiful contrasts. Add warmth to your rooms and make a personalized impact. Beautiful accessories and dark furniture will add charm to your living environment.


In conclusion, the year 2024 promises to be more exciting than ever, with colors, textures, elements and trends that bring innovative ways to beautify your home. Take advantage of the new 2024 trends to bring your living space up to date.


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