Commercial Lease

Commercial Lease


The commercial lease is a key element in the field of commercial real estate in Quebec. Whether you are the owner of a commercial space or a tenant looking for a location for your business, it is essential to understand the important aspects of a lease agreement. A commercial lease is a contract by which the landlord (lessor) grants a tenant (lessee) the right to occupy commercial space in return for the payment of rent. It is a long-term contract, usually five years or more, which governs the rights and obligations of both parties.

Generally speaking, the three most common types of leases in the market are:

  • Gross lease: the tenant pays a fixed rent and the owner bears the operating costs.
  • Net lease: the tenant pays the rent as well as operating costs such as municipal taxes and insurance.
  • Triple net lease: the tenant pays the rent, operating costs and maintenance of the commercial space.


Commercial Lease Agreement:

The Commercial Lease Agreement is a legal document that governs the relationship between the landlord and the tenant of a commercial space. It stipulates the rights, obligations, rental conditions, duration of the lease, amount of rent and other important provisions. A well-drafted and comprehensive commercial rental agreement is essential to avoid disputes and ensure a harmonious relationship between the parties.

In short, the commercial lease contract enables the parties involved to better understand the rights and obligations of both landlord and tenant. It is therefore a key document containing a number of conditions that bind the parties involved.


Role of the owner:

As the owner of a commercial space, you must provide, among other things, a space in good condition that complies with safety standards. You also have the right to set the rent and demand a security deposit. You are responsible for carrying out major repairs and ensuring that the space meets the needs of the tenant. In addition, you are required to respect the rules of confidentiality and non-discrimination towards the tenant.

Role of the tenant:

As a tenant of a commercial space, you have the right to use the space in accordance with the commercial use provisions agreed in the contract. You are responsible for paying the rent and must follow the terms and conditions of the lease. It is also your responsibility to keep the space in a satisfactory, well-maintained condition and to comply with applicable rules and regulations.


Lease term:

In a housing lease in Quebec, the minimum term is generally one year. Thereafter, the lease is automatically renewed each year, unless one of the parties gives notice of termination. On the other hand, the duration of a commercial lease is often longer and can be fixed according to the needs of the parties, generally ranging from three to five years.


Use of space:

A residential lease is for residential use, while a commercial lease is for commercial or business use. Commercial tenants often have more flexibility to tailor the space to their specific needs, subject to applicable regulations.


Here are some differences:

  • Security deposit: This is a common and completely legal practice when signing a commercial lease.
  • The Superior Court: This court or the Court of Quebec is responsible for resolving legal disputes.
  • Subletting or assignment of lease: A commercial lease may include a clause prohibiting the subletting or assignment of a lease.
  • The end of the lease: Quite often, at the end of the commercial lease, the tenant must leave his place of business or agree on the new signing of a new lease with the owner of the premises.

Renewal procedures:

At the end of the initial term of the lease, it is possible to renew the commercial lease. In Quebec, the tenant generally has the right to an automatic renewal, unless the owner wishes to reclaim the premises for his own needs. The terms of renewal, including rent adjustments, must be negotiated between the parties. As a general rule, there is always a negotiation period at the end of the commercial lease, during which both parties can make adjustments or revise certain conditions.


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